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Let me tell you guys something: blogging is hard, especially when you’re talking about food, and people want to see pictures and get recipes (the nerve, right??). I think I’m good at the “talking about food’ part. I mean, I’m no restaurant critique, but I know what I like and I think that counts for something. I’m decent at taking pictures of most of the baking process and I usually remember to take pictures of the finished product. Then everything sort of falls apart. I start writing a post and I get distracted, then I never upload the pictures, then I just can’t tie it all together. I’m working on it though! I promise I’m trying to get better. Therefore, I’ll leave you with an apology that it’s been so long since I’ve posted here and a few delicious pictures of recipes that may one day (fingers crossed) show up here. Enjoy!

Nutella Swirled Banana Bread

Maple BaconĀ Biscuits

Peach Pecan Praline Coffee Cake



So, this is blogging…

This post is less than exciting, I know. Not to worry, however, because I promise the food is coming! Just sit tight and before you know it this space will be full of cookies and breads and all the things your little hearts desire.

See you soon.